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Wow, uhh... hi


Okay, so I should not be allowed to co-own a community because I fail at it. :o

But actually, I had a question. Figured I'd post it here since it pretains to writing and all, and this place hasn't seen any life in a while. So my question:

When you're writing a long story, what's your method as far as plot is concerned? Do you just write and invent it as you go along, do you map it all out first and then start writing, or...? It's the second one for me. I'm so obsessive about it, I feel like I need to have an understanding of the entire plot before I can write something viable. My teacher is on my case about it... nonono that's wrong, he says. But I feel terribly unorganized if I write without knowing the plot... especially since what I'm writing is a crazy-complicated fantasy/sci-fi... thing. So I was just curious as to what you guys do.

So how has everyone been? :D
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Wow, somebody came by here... *reels* Hey, I haven't done anything with this site either, unfortunately. I think about it from time to time... :D

I wrote up an answer to you but LJ actually refused to let me post it because it was too long! Which is weird, I'm sure I've written longer diatribes before. Anyway, I'll e-mail it to you separately.

I have suggestions, but writing is a personal matter and everybody has to work out their own method.
personally, i map out the story also. of course that doesn't mean that the story will be locked and changes cannot be made along the way; its just that it is always better to write with something definite on your mind. A writer should know what he/she wants to achieve, wants to attempt, at least. Ideas come alive, characters seem to jump out of the page and stories progress on their own, at times writers become the medium to have a story told, but still, the idea/the character/the story was initially conceived by the writer. when i write, i try to find my way around it in my head first, and then try to untangle the mysteries and questions that build details and then try to write it down. still, no matter how much i spent thinking about the story, during the writing process changes still happen, little inevitable surprises.