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Getting Started

This is going to be a prose workshop. We're aiming at tough but friendly and useful criticism to help each other improve. Any kind of prose writing will be accepted, including fanfiction -- but fanfiction will be subject to the same kind of standards as original writing. Everything, including spelling, punctuation and of course plotting and characterization, is fair for comment, but criticism should be tailored to the skill of the writer and focus on important matters rather than simply nitpicking. I'll be posting more complete guidelines later. I'd be happy to get any suggestions.

At this point, the community is entirely open. That might change if we start getting flamers and people more interested in flaunting their egos than in helping their fellow writers develop, and improving their own skills in the process. Also, to protect the materials being posted, we may end up making this a friends-only journal.

Join the group, every writer is welcome! You can become a member here: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=writing_wrkshop
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