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The Writers' Workshop

Writers' Workshop
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Community currently being created. Community open for business! (Now that I, rampantplum, the admitted lazier side of the management, have finally gotten off my rear end.)

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Welcome to the Writers' Workshop!

The Writers' Workshop is a community to help prose writers. You can post your work here for critiquing, editing, ideas and suggestions. We’re trying to accomplish something that a lot of other writing communities out there seem to lack – a friendly environment. That means no destructive criticism (as in, please keep those tactless comments that don’t offer the writer any insight on how he or she can improve to yourselves). If you don’t like some part of the writing, that’s fine! But say why you don’t like it, provide suggestions on how you think it could be made better, and be nice.

Any kind of prose, within reason, is accepted here, fanfiction included. By within reason, I mean no X-rated material. Your submissions can be pretty much anything from preliminary scribblings that you're looking for all kinds of suggestions and ideas for, to more-or-less polished pieces that just need a bit of final proof-reading/editing. Critiques should be adjusted a little based on the particular writer’s skill-level, and we’re certainly not expecting all of our members to be perfect, publication-ready writers! But along that line, reasonable grammar is expected, and please avoid things like l33t-speak, all-caps, or sporadic capitalizations LiKe ThIs because they can be a bit painful for people to read. Don’t worry obsessively if you have a few little typos and grammar mistakes, though, since most stuff being submitted here will be in rough draft form anyway (why else would you be posting it for edits and critiquing, right?)

Hopefully no one joining up here needs to be reminded of this, but all work you post here must be your own! No thievery, please. (Again, fanfiction is fine, as long as you're the one who wrote it.)

Lastly, please post all submissions behind an LJ cut (otherwise they'll take up tons of space!) Don't know how? Check out LJ FAQ #75. :)