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12:42pm 13/04/2006
  I have created a reading group that everyone is welcome to join and participate in at http://community.livejournal.com/levarlovesbooks/  
Wow, uhh... hi 
10:22am 29/10/2005
mood: eating toast

Okay, so I should not be allowed to co-own a community because I fail at it. :o

But actually, I had a question. Figured I'd post it here since it pretains to writing and all, and this place hasn't seen any life in a while. So my question:

When you're writing a long story, what's your method as far as plot is concerned? Do you just write and invent it as you go along, do you map it all out first and then start writing, or...? It's the second one for me. I'm so obsessive about it, I feel like I need to have an understanding of the entire plot before I can write something viable. My teacher is on my case about it... nonono that's wrong, he says. But I feel terribly unorganized if I write without knowing the plot... especially since what I'm writing is a crazy-complicated fantasy/sci-fi... thing. So I was just curious as to what you guys do.

So how has everyone been? :D
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05:21pm 18/03/2005
mood: thankful
*Testing, Testing. One Two three. Can You Hear Me? Ok, Lets Go*

I'm hoping this will work - it probably wont - but hey! This is my first submission to the Writers Workshop and its a story i started quite a long time ago because a fanfiction i was writing woulndt write, and i only added to it occasionaly. I sort of stopped writing it now, which is a pity, because i think it had some potential. I'm thinking of starting writing it again soon. Please note that this story isnt finish - heck, its barely even STARTED - so the ending of it doesnt count. However, any help AT ALL with this story will be greatly appreciated. Even if its just a word that could be replaced by a better one. Oh yeah, and its not fanfiction, its an original.

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This isnt the end of the story. Heck, its not even the end of a chapter! Just...a sort of stop.
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SCORPIO- second draft of synopsis 
02:28pm 15/03/2005
  Here it is! The synopsis for my SCORPIO story! The final version will be in comic form, mind you, so the visual designs will give you the full reading experience! Enjoy!

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Wow, we're rich! 
10:31am 14/03/2005
  I'm very happy that three people have submitted things, or are planning to - I want to welcome you all, and I'm going to read through your work as soon as I can. I'm under a lot of pressure from work these days so it might take a little while, but don't feel you're being ignored. I'm looking forward to reading everything.

I encourage all the members to read each others' work and comment on it as well. You can learn something about your own writing by commenting on other peoples'; plus, you'll be more likely to get comments if you give something yourself. Let's make this a community. Thanks to everyone who participates.
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Andrewk with a story idea! 
11:24am 14/03/2005
  For many of you at DA, you may have read this already. But I am thinking of posting up a revised and improved synopsis of my story called Scorpio, about the most misunderstood sign in the Zodiac. The premise is that each of the signs is presented by a planet in a system of 12 planets, each having their own style, color scheme, etc... So to illustrate their misunderstandings with the Scorpios, I plan to use battle sequences and scenerios similar in style to the Star Wars saga.

I will post up a revise portion of the first draft soon!
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12:58pm 14/03/2005
  hi everyone! i promised rampantplum/arryma/jillian that I'd join if she made a community, so here's my aloha post ;p i'll try and be active, promise.
This was written for an english assignment, basically it just had to be a science fiction story. I'm sci-fi impaired when it comes to writing, blah. Handed it in today but I would love critique and comments.
if it's uh, too...weird? gross? mature? i don't count it as mature but if anyone does, feel free to remove it. are there any guidelines about content, ie swearing etc?
ok. here it is.

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03:53pm 13/03/2005
mood: crazy
Hi, everybody. It's HEYHWA. I've recently decided to revise an abandoned tale that I began 1 to 2 years ago called Drarbabi. I currently edited the first chapter but I still would like many suggestions since this the 1 of my 2 stories that I had the most trouble with. If you have some suggestions for the child I neglected for another, please tell. Did I do the LJ cut thing right? I'm so confused.

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Writers' Workshop Guidelines 
09:46pm 28/02/2005
  The official (ooh, fancy) guidelines to the Workshop: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=writing_wrkshop. All new members, be sure to read them!
(this is really more for future members because I think everyone here right now has been following this thing since we first thought it up, but... XD)

If I left anything out or if anyone has any suggestions or anything, speak up! It would be most helpful :D
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Getting Started 
10:31am 17/02/2005
  This is going to be a prose workshop. We're aiming at tough but friendly and useful criticism to help each other improve. Any kind of prose writing will be accepted, including fanfiction -- but fanfiction will be subject to the same kind of standards as original writing. Everything, including spelling, punctuation and of course plotting and characterization, is fair for comment, but criticism should be tailored to the skill of the writer and focus on important matters rather than simply nitpicking. I'll be posting more complete guidelines later. I'd be happy to get any suggestions.

At this point, the community is entirely open. That might change if we start getting flamers and people more interested in flaunting their egos than in helping their fellow writers develop, and improving their own skills in the process. Also, to protect the materials being posted, we may end up making this a friends-only journal.

Join the group, every writer is welcome! You can become a member here: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=writing_wrkshop